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Germany vase; Royal Doulton Penelope figurine; bird figurine No. Ford Genuine Batteries Display; Ca. Anheuser Busch Wooden Crate and Bottles; ; 11 inches height x Steele Hardware Ford Co. Blue Grass Tools Crusader Wall Display; mid 20th century; 24 inches height x 12 inches width; original wooden wall display, overall condition is excellent and original, needs cleaning Lot Remington Pocket Knife Box; Ca. Vintage Cigarette Lighters Zippo; mid 20th century; 3 Zippo lighters, all appear to be excellent and original Lot Genuine Ford Fan Belts Tin Litho Display; mid 20th century; 7 inches height x 32 inches width; original tin litho display, has staining throughout, otherwise excellent Lot Vintage Mountain Dew Inflatable Raft; mid 20th century; appears to be new old stock, unopened, and displayed in original box Lot Robeson Shur Edge Cutlery Pocket Knife Countertop Showcase; mid 20th century; 17 inches height x 18 inches width x 10 inches depth; original wooden slant front countertop showcase, has original back door, overall condition is excellent and original Lot

Early Plastics in Mourning Jewelry: Installment 3 of the Identifly Ser

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Karen Knapstein October 6, Collect. The sale features more than lots of collectible jewelry including fine jadeite, diamond, silver, gold, designer costume pieces, as well as Victorian, Art Deco and cameos. An impressive collection of guaranteed-natural untreated Burmese jadeite should interest all those collectors fascinated by the valuable gem of the East — but concerned about buying because so much treated material floods the market.

Cameos are an ancient form going back to ancient Greece and Rome.

The outer black enameling really draws the eye. Nicholls, Antique Enameled Jewelry, p. The huge unfoiled amber colored stones create the petals of this floral fantasy. Leaves and petals are adorned with sparkling rhinestones with an amethyst navette for the center. Maybe this is your guy! This fun figural drummer is silvertone metal with a large faux pearl ‘face’ and a huge ruby colored oval rhinestone for the drum top. Styling is very similar to the enameled Silson marching band pieces.

See item UN for a similar necklace. Ettinger, Popular Jewelry , p. The little flowers in this fur clip are glass and are individually wired on to the finding. The silvertone vase is encrusted with rhinestones and tiny sapphire blue peaked or “bullet” cabochons. Style and construction date this to the s. Nicely made with rhodium plating; very good condition with faint aging to a few of the rhinestones.

Set in brass, this pin has amethyst colored stones and a lovely blend of feminine flowers with straight lines.

Unsigned Jewelry Pg. 2

Lot 19 , Diamond andamp; demantoid garnet pendant-brooch; Center: Lot 32 , Antique diamond, demantoid andamp; silver-topped gold brooch, c. Lot 48 , Edwardian diamond andamp; platinum necklace, c. From contemporary pieces to antiques, jewelry hallmarks are typically found on gold and silver jewelry.

Species native to California coastal waters produce beautiful blue- and green-hued iridescent nacre.

Nitrocellulose — Nitrocellulose is a highly flammable compound formed by nitrating cellulose through exposure to nitric acid or another powerful nitrating agent. When used as a propellant or low-order explosive, it was known as guncotton. Partially nitrated cellulose has found uses as a film and in inks. In the first man-made plastic, nitrocellulose, was created by Alexander Parkes from cellulose treated with nitric acid and a solvent. Celluloid was used by Kodak, and other suppliers, from the late s as a base in photography, X-ray films, and motion picture films.

After numerous fires caused by unstable nitrate films, safety film started to be used from the s in the case of X-ray stock and from for motion picture film. Jean-Baptiste Dumas obtained a material, which he called nitramidine. As he was working in the kitchen of his home in Basel and he reached for the nearest cloth, a cotton apron, and wiped it up.

He hung the apron on the door to dry, and, as soon as it was dry. His preparation method was the first to be widely imitated—one part of cotton wool to be immersed in 15 parts of an equal blend of sulfuric and nitric acids. After two minutes, the cotton was removed and washed in water to set the esterification level.

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She was the daughter of Laurence W. Monica is preceded in death by her father, her brother, John L. Since they moved to Shawnee, KS, she had worked for Hallmark Cards, and they had operated a number of booths in local antique shops for more than 20 years. Memorial service will be 11 a. The family request in lieu of flowers, that contribution be made to the Autism Society of the Heartland, Olathe Health Hospice Care, or a charity of your choosing.

You will not be disapppointed.

Three ways to tell if a. NET assembly is strongly named. Towards the end, this post discusses use of Strong Names with Silverlight. Then in the final section of this post the often confusing — though very important — differences between Strongly Named assemblies and Digitally Signed assemblies are clarified. But first, here are three approaches for telling whether a. So this technique is not appropriate for all uses, but might help in, say, an automated script that checks your about-to-be-released assemblies to make sure you remembered to add the strong names to them.

If you need finer-grain control and wish to write low-level code to ascertain the strong-naming status of an assembly, you can do that too. EXE tutorial — which can be used for disassembling. Your first step is to load the desired Assembly using the ildasm. NET Assembly as in the following example:

Celluloid: Identifying the collectable antique plastic

June 18, By fitzcharming 1 Reply More Jewelry was a popular theme for Stanhope manufacturers in the 19th and 20th century. Tiny peep photos that one could wear on a neck chain or bracelet entertained people of the era. There were cross pendants and rosaries that held a pinhead sized picture of The Lords Prayer, or Ten Commandments. Churches were also a popular charm Stanhope piece.

A wedding ring is a band.

Archaeology and the Age of Plastics: Did plastic immediately spring to mind? Since mass production of plastic took off around an estimated 6. At more recent sites, however, we begin to see more plastic in the archaeological record, reflecting the increased availability and use of plastic in everyday items. Several plastic artifacts were excavated at the Brody-Emmons Complex, the site of the East Lansing city landfill in the early 20th century. Humans have long used natural substances with plastic properties, such as rubber and shellac, but man-made plastics are a fairly recent innovation.

The first man-made plastic is attributed to British chemist Alexander Parkes 2. In , Parkes acquired a patent for a product made from a plant material called cellulose treated with nitric acid and other chemicals. The product, called Parkesine, exhibited many useful properties: Unlike rubber, it could be industrially produced in large quantities 2.

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None of the great writers before that time, from Aristophanes to Shakespeare to Dickens, were in a position to enjoy such an instrument. Even Thomas Jefferson, who later in life sampled an early reservoir pen, had to fall back on the quill to draft the U. The “final” copy of the D of I, with all of the famous signatures John Hancock et. You can see high-resolution images of the original engrossed parchment at the National Archives website.

Whether the quality of literary or philosophical writing has improved since writers could take their pens on the road is a question best left to the critics; we will move on to the more limited question of how the portable ink pen was developed. Natural quill pens courtesy http:

Most simulated pearls will not.

Take a look at an original Hush Puppy mascot, dog portraits, and one “naughty cat” bronze. Vintage San Francisco Minneapolis, Mn – Hour Three Minneapolis, Mn – Hour Two Minneapolis, Mn – Hour One Atlanta, Ga – Hour Three Atlanta, Ga – Hour Two Atlanta, Ga – Hour One El Paso, Tx – Hour Three El Paso, Tx – Hour Two El Paso, Tx – Hour One Pittsburgh, Pa – Hour Three Pittsburgh, PA – Hour Two Pittsburgh, PA – Hour One

Celluloid, Bakelite & Lucite: The Andrews Sisters of Plastic Costume Jewelry

Amber – Rub vigorously on wool and then try to lift a small piece of paper or tissue with the piece. Amber should lift it. Bakelite – Should have no seams of mold marks. Leaves a blue to black mark when scraped against pottery.

No amount of reinforcement or affirmation from you or anyone else for that matter, will alter how they regard themselves.

American Modernist Jewelry, – Click images below to enlarge. All prices include priority shipping within the U. Melissa Finelli says, “There is something so satisfying about moving metal. Through fabrication and forging, I am able to manipulate my materials to create form and space, capturing movement in solid form” Mellissa Fenelli studied technical jewelry making at North Bennett Street School in Boston’s North End.

After making jewelry for some time, she went on to study at the School of the museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her work is in many prestigious galleries and she does major shows throughout the United States. William Spratling and Mexico’s Silver Renaissance. She was awarded a stipend to study silversmithing techniques at the Los Castillo studios in Taxco and her work shows the same dedication to technique and design that you will find in pieces created by the Los Castillo taller throughout the 20th and into the 21st century.

Early Plastics : Identifying Lucite

The Secret Life of Antiques: Lockets evolved from ancient amulets. European designs for lockets appear to date to the 16th century, when small pendants were worn to conceal good luck charms, small fabric squares soaked in perfume to ward off the poor smells on public thoroughfares, painted portraits, and even, on occasion, poison. Queen Elizabeth I of England wore her locket ring daily; it contained a painted portrait of her mother, Anne Boleyn, and herself.

She often gifted those in her inner circle with a jeweled locket containing her portrait. The Elizabethans were enamored with lockets, and the artists who painted the miniature portraits contained within them were the best artists of their time.

For example a one carat ruby will be smaller than a one carat diamond.

By understanding economics, culture, fashion and even political events, the collector can become her own Sherlock Holmes. The elusive process of circa dating a piece can now be unlocked by just knowing how to use the keys to the door. Jewelry styles change with the trends of the times. These trends can be grouped into approximate eras. Styles can also be delineated by era names i.

Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, etc.

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Over-Button Clip Cameo – This uses an unusual finding that goes around a collar button and snaps closed, putting the cameo at the wearer’s throat without having to use a conventional pin-stem type clasp. I am assuming this is celluoid but as I am not super knowledgeable about plastics I am not certain. Plastic on top of brass frame. Shell Cameo in Sterling Vermeil Setting – Though modest in size and setting, this shell cameo has been nicely carved and the subject is very attractive.

Upturned nose indicates a relatively recent piece ‘s?

Southwest American Sterling Silver Ring; size 6.

Old London Town I LOVE vintage jewellery, this was my first line of collecting and it was only last year that I thought I’d better start buying some vintage outfits to wear it with!! My all time fav. S and comes in numerous colours and forms. You usually find brooches or earrings and occasionally sets. The most common are berries, apples and strawberries made from coloured glass and backed with mirrored foil so that they seem to glow from within I try to regularly wear the pieces I have and if I find I don’t wear a piece then I give it to a friend as I can’t bear the thought of all that glitter sitting in a dark drawer unloved and unseen!!

I have some lovely necklaces from the 30’s and way too many earrings. Some of my collection I have bought from Ebay but generally I go to a few specialists sellers near by, this tends to work out well as the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. A great book to check out if you are interested in getting an idea of valuations and dating pieces is “Costume Jewellery” by Judith Miller it really has some great pictures.

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